The Fitness Centre and Gym will remain closed for the foreseeable future. There are a number of reasons we have made this decision, including the fact that most of our customers (Rolls-Royce employees) remain on furlough at this time, we would also be required to comply with Government guidelines imposed on all fitness venues and gyms.

All subscriptions have been cancelled and are no longer valid, where an annual subscription was purchased, please contact us for a pro-rated refund.

We are working in the background to restructure our subscription offering making it easier for all, however, Gympass will no longer be accepted when we are able to reopen.


Physical activity is an important part of daily life for everyone, of any age or ability.

At Rolls-Royce Leisure, we provide a variety of ways for our subscribers to get active and improve their health.

Whatever your fitness goals, our expert team will help you get there – whether you want to improve your fitness, get in shape, work off last night’s take-away or train for a marathon.