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Randall Butler felt a real connection with George on a personal level, relating to him, making him believe it’s ok to be who you are and to be proud of that.
George Michael inspired Randall in so many ways, blowing him away with his beautiful soulful voice and his emotional lyrics, George was the only artist that he has ever wanted to tribute, he was the reason Randall began singing at 11 years old.
Prior to becoming a tribute act, Randall has received some wonderful feedback with audiences commenting on the authenticness of his tribute act.
On top of his George Michael tribute, he also sings all the Wham classic hits as well. He’s become one of the UK’s leading George Tributes, which has brought UK tours and international shows along with it.


Amy Winehouse Tribute Act – Nicola Marie
The UK’s most treasured Tribute to AMY WINEHOUSE by Nicola Marie Amy Winehouse’s wonderful soulful voice is duplicated beautifully by Nicola in her two Amy shows.
The original show is an authentic reproduction of Amy Winehouse at her stunning best. Stripped back,the voice is the star of this show as Nicola performs Amy’s hits together with several other songs reproduced in that unique Amy style.
The second show builds upon the first by way of Nicola adding her own humor and wacky personality without being derogatory to the memory of Amy.There is a large amount of interaction with her audience and indeed audience participation to put everyone in that party mood.
Appeared on the“Weakest Link”for their 2010 Celebrity Christmas Special…‘Anne certainly took a shine to Nicola’s personality as Amy Winehouse’.

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